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Caorle, a little fischermen's island, has very ancient origins. Several roman finds has been found in its area, which are possible to be seen in the civic museum and in the museum of the Cathedral of Caorle.
The old town centre is full of "calli" and "campielli" and is animated by the bright colours of houses' fronts.

In the port, at the entrance of the town, there are many fishing-boats and the most suggestive ones are the "bragozzi", which sails represent the simbols of the ancient local fischermen's families.

St Stephen's Cathedral and the cilindric bell-tower, unique all over the world for its peculiar shape, raise on Vescovado Square. Inside, there are many works of art and the main one is the Golden Piece, placed behind the High Altar.

The church of the Madonna of Angel is very nice and it is located on the east side of the sea-wall of Caorle. Inside there is the statue of the Virgin, which is taken every year, during the traditional, religious procession of the Madonna, from the church to the Cathedral. When the procession is finished, there is the "burning" of the bell-tower and its glows on the starry sky make a very suggestive atmosphere.

Tourists must see the "scogliera viva", a collection of sculptures made in the rocks of the rock-fill dam, by international artists.

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